Since the beginning, Matu has evolved continuously. There are a lot of people who helped us start the project (and are still helping by the way!!). We are a team of 2 people, all in love with design and creativity. That is why we want you to get to know the people behind Matu and understand why we love what we do!

Marie-Anne Miljours
Head designer, founder

What is your career path ?
I studied for six years in Fashion Design (Cégep Marie-Victorin + École Supérieure de mode de Montréal). I did two internships while I was doing my bachelor's degree. The first one was by myself, for myself, at Betina Lou. I interned for four months and then I got the title as Assistant Designer & Production Manager for over a year. I loved what I did there. I would go to work at anytime of the day just to be in the studio. In the second year of my degree, I had to do an internship, and decided to do it abroad. I chose New York as the city and Rhié as the company ! It was amazing. I lived in Brooklyn for four months. At some point, I wish I can go back to New York. After the internship, I had to go back to Montréal and finish my degree. I started my business right away, just one year before graduating. After that I went to study leather work for a year to specialize in the field of leather accessories. And now here I am : Founder of Matu.

Name three things you can’t live without :
Creativity and Design, writing and yoga

Could you explain why ?

Creativity and Design.
Creativity is everywhere. Designing and creating have always had an incredible impact on my life. I studied design and developped a passion for it at an early age. I even decided to pursue it as a career (hence the creation of Matu). I always try to integrate the aspect of creating in my everyday life. I can be creative even when I make my coffee in the morning (this is also something I can’t live without!) or with my niece when we play games at home! It's part of who I am, I always carry my little notebook everywhere I go so that I don't miss an opportunity. It keeps me going and I love it.

I write in my journal everyday. It makes me feel good. When I was young I had this journal, where I would write every single detail of my day. At that age, maybe it wasn’t important, but now it is. I have my own business and it can get stressful sometimes, and I have to go through some « problems » alone. With a journal, I can have a different point of view and writing it down can be very helpful. It even helps me go to sleep. It soothes me. In the morning, I write to meditate and feel relaxed. It’s a great way to start my day.

A good day always starts with my yoga practice! I set my alarm at 5:30 AM.
I wake up, have a cup of tea or lemon hot water. I get dressed for my yoga class and jump on my bike. My yoga class starts at 7 am. It’s a moment just for me, when nobody can bother me, where I don’t have my cell phone, where I can meditate in my asanas. The teachers are awesome at Wanderlust. I can't function without yoga, it helps me keep my calm and manage my day with a clear mind. It's essential for my personal and professional life.

Muriel El Helou
Assistant Designer 

What is your career path ?
After my French baccalaureate (I studied in a French school), I went on to study Art History and Industrial Design at the Université de Montréal. I really loved my studies, learning about art and creating things from A to Z. I love the process of designing products, not only imagining how they could be but especially working with different materials. After my degree, I was looking for a job and somehow stumbled on Matu on LinkedIn. I fell in love with the mission behind Matu and the elegance of the products. I gave it a try and sent my resume! It worked! I got an internship four days a week and now I work as the assistant designer!

Name three things you can’t live without :
Planning, designing and baking.

Could you explain why ?

I love when everything is under control. I like to tackle my day with an organized list of things to do. I enjoy knowing what needs to be done beforehand so that I can prepare myself and have some reassurance.
And the fun part about all this organizing is the color coding and stationary I get to use : paper, notebooks, calendars, pens, etc.

I studied Industrial design and I chose this particular field of study because there are objects all around us. Design is everywhere. Everything we see has been thought through by someone. The whole design process behind every product is so interesting and important. I love thinking about how people will use the product and how it will help their everyday lives. 

I consider myself a creative person when it comes to cooking and especially baking. I love it. Baking is not just making a cake, it's a science. There is a chemistry to it, you have to follow a recipe to the tee. But when you get it, you can start being creative and go with the flow. 




As a team we wish to grow with the company. We will present you our collaborators on our different project. The team is a very important aspect of Matu. We think the people are the core of a project. Without great people wouldn't have been so much ! Thank you to all of those amazing folks who helped us (and are still helping!).